Tuesday, April 3, 2018

River City - Street Band LP

SEARCH ABOVE FOR MORE and ADD ON:  Just discovered and love this band on first post a couple of weeks ago and that's because they are right up there with other horn bands I enjoy from this period like Chicago Transit Authority, the Flock, Electric Flag, Tower of Power, The Ides Of March, etc.  This is their first album and what a dandy!

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василий канарейкин said...

I Wanna Be A Star no

A1 Some Other Man 2:11
A2 So Many Things 2:09
A3 People 3:58
A4 If You Can 2:44
A5 Love Me Only 2:40
A6 Happy Song 2:33
A7 Modern Man 2:53
B1 Searchin' Man 3:15
B2 Nancy's April Song 2:39
B3 Two Different People 3:20
B4 Lamp Of Love 9:07
B5 I Wanna Be A Star 0:15--?