Friday, April 20, 2018


I had posted this band a couple times and each time it gets taken down through a request at blogger so I will let this link expire automatically 30 days after the last download  Someone had requested just this record however which is a soft spot for me because it happens to be the only one I had back in the day that I taped on my buddies old tube amp phonograph so good quality.  In my previous post I had found this record along with others but they repeat songs and so this album really didn't get posted but from other albums, I made sure I included all the songs.  So it dawned on me that I had it complete on tape so here ya go!  My buddy would practice bass as I taped some of his albums but this album I would have to say he played the most and we would jump around to it in his room.


Chris Mayek said...

Do you have Lisa Burns 1978 ? And can you please post it if you do? Thanks

KrackermaN said...

I used to jump around playing bass along w/ this LP as well. By the way are the blacks in your country as hateful and cruel as the ones in the States??