Monday, March 12, 2018

GEAR DADDIES - let's go scare al CD 88 w BILLY'S LIVE BAIT CD 90 w CAN'T have NOTHIN' Nice CD 92

Well I mentioned these guys had a big hit with 'My Maria' tune from B.W. Stephenson last week and it appears on the 92 release.  This was our college dorms most popular band when I went to school at the U of MN and our group of friends saw them the most times I would have to say and eventually in Austin for a big outdoor festival.  From Austin, MN the home of Hormel, Randy was the substitute teacher for the guys who were students and then they formed the group.  When they moved up to the Twin Cities, I got to play softball in a park league and played against the bass player in a game or two.  I filmed this band at a few block parties and they got very popular on my old youtube fact a few fanatics would comment.
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