Tuesday, March 27, 2018

BLUE SWEDE - Hooked On A Feeling LP 73

Another fine K-tel band from back in the 70's.  Kind of rough shape but rip came out O.K.


S.D. Joe said...

Well, since no one will say it if I don't:

OO-ga shaka, OO-ga shaka, OO-ga OO-ga OO-ga shaka.....

(Hey, the classics never grow old!)

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Ha Ha S,D, Joe had to be done I remember hearing that chant ad inifinatum on the television set as the maim song they used to push their seventies CD group of which I will have to convert some of them for the website here as I was the kind of guy to buy those late night TV sell jons...they got me for the 73 and 75 and the "Fire" double CD advertised with the Robert Palmer song "Some Like It Hot (damn sold it off) or the CCR triple vinyl set (damn sold that off too) but found at the good will a different made for TV set of three CCR tapes With 30 songsi will post soon if no tape stretch like the rexent Dave Davies cassette which made me buy his 3 vinyl on diacogs for next week old buddy.

S.D. Joe said...

Hey, since my credit's good thx to 4 OUT OF 5 DRS :

Ever come across an Eve Moon-ish, femme-fronted hard rock opus named HARLOW? The femme in question was named Teresa Strayer, the guitar player was a pre-Kiss Tommy Thayer, this is maybe 1988 or so....anyway, the album was corporate-product, hard rock-cum-AOR like a million others back then, that managed to rise above the rest of the also-rans with good songwriting, killer vocals and guitar, and making sure they were ready to kick ass when the tape was rolling. One of those otherwise-forgotten lps that caught whoever was lucky enough to hear it by surprise.

Anyway... should you stumble across HARLOW, do everyone a favor and rip it. Like that fat Cajun used to say, I ga-ronn-tee!

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

That"s a trip SDJoe as last store last weekend I just so happened to hit the H section pretty hard buying the bands: heads, hands and feet 2 lp's), Heartsfiel (3 platters), Hunter and two by the band Hustler. No worries tho' will get a direct order from a fan who was there and knows em

S.D. Joe said...

If it's the Hustler that released "High Street", you got yourself a good get!