Monday, March 19, 2018

ABC - the Lexicon of Love LP 82

SEARCH ABOVE FOR MORE and ADD ON:  I had posted the 1987 album before but just found this again at the dollar sale so I had to get it.  My buddy into the Jam and Aztec Camera also this.


angstytimelord said...

This is one of THE all-time great new wave/new romantic albums. Still one of my favorite records after all these years.

Sorry I haven't been around to comment lately -- I've been in the hospital for 17 days! I had an electrolyte imbalance that sent my blood sugar (I have diabetes) sky-high, and unbeknownst to me, because the neuropathy in my feet from the diabetes is so bad, I'd stepped on a hunk of glass and it was lodged up INSIDE my foot, and I had a raging infection from that, which was ALSO affecting my diabetes. I ended up having foot surgery and now I'm on antibiotics for the infection for the next couple of weeks. It's been a really bad last couple of weeks, but I'm glad to be back home and recovering!

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

I was missing your presence Angsty! Don't they have a cure for type 2 diabetes now with Diane Schwartzbein's (sp??) book? I remember my mom bought the book for all 8 of us kids due to Diabetes being so common in the US. I am glad you are on the mend. I also remember Popular Science invention of the year used sound instead of needles--hoping that is available to you. You might also check Dr. Mercola's forum for diabetes updates. He has been my internet Doctor since the nineties when I first started getting his email health updates. I trust him implicitly in all matters as he uses proper medical study techniques and cares about the environment. Here's the website Dang it girl were you slam dancin' on glass or something? Instead of going barefoot just get a bed earthing half sheet to plug into the ground outlet at home to get millions of electrons to cure old inflammation zones and injuries. Mine is about worn out (got it to immediately cure my snoring and it fixed my blown out lower back) but it costs about a hundred dollars at