Monday, February 5, 2018

The Three O'clock - Arrive Without Travelling LP 85

Trying to redeem myself when I forgot to mention this band in a listing of the neo-paisley groups I thought were top notch you all let me know pretty quick.  Well haven't seen their earlier stuff in the wild yet but did see this 'major label debut' on IRS for these guys that ain't too bad for starters.

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angstytimelord said...

OH MY GOD, this band is so, SO GREAT. Their earlier stuff is WELL worth getting, as are the two albums after this one, "Ever After" and "Vermilion." Prince wrote a song for them on "Vermilion" called "Neon Telephone" (under his Joey Coco pseudonym) and Wendy & Lisa sing on it.

There's also a very hard-to-find cd out there of their very early recordings when they were still called Salvation Army, called "Befour Three O'Clock." It's a weird little head trip of a record, and it really documents the beginnings of the Paisley Underground sound.