Friday, February 9, 2018

NEW ADVENTURES - Come On 7 79 w st LP 80 w Radiator LP 83

REPOST Request:  For by buddy S.D. Joe who described the band as a fine Dutch rock n' roll band like listening to fellow Dutch artist Herman Brood after a few more beers.
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Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

S.D. Joe said...
Kindest sir, am humbly requesting please a re-up of at least the self-titled New Adventures lp, which is not only insanely hard to locate these days, but happens also to be a smashingly good Dutch rock n roll album. Kinda like Herman Brood after chugging a few Red Bulls one after the other. Also the kind of record that, if your girl likes it, you know then and there to start saving up for a ring, because she's OBVIOUSLY a keeper.

I remain, in grateful supplication,
Your pal always,

S.D. Joe

FEBRUARY 8, 2018 AT 4:06 PM

S.D. Joe said...

Thank you masked man!!

Why, what's this lying in the dust? A SILVER BULLET (no not the beer!)?

Why....that warn't no ordinary masked man....that wuz - thuh Looooone Ranger!

HEY! HEY RANGER! Yuh forgot to yell "HIYO SILVER!!!", yuh mamaluke!

(Seriously though, pard; a thousand thanks for running such a great blog. Obligado!)

S.D. Joe said...

PS (and my apologies if I'm really pushing it now...)

….but seeing as yer second to none snatching actual gold from piles of useless iron any chance, can you get ahold of rips of either of the two 4 OUT OF 5 DOCTORS lps (the eponymous debut from 1980, and 1982's even-better “Second Opinion”?) Best described as smart, hooky pop-rock with a li'l power, and a lotta heart.

Need I even say it? - help me, Obi-Wan... you're our only hope. (But even if you can't swing it, Obi old boy, you still rule!)

SD Joe

Feelgood said...

Here are some more.

New Adventures - Live's A Mess (1985)
New Adventures - Point blank (1982)
New Adventures - Wild Cats Moanin (1981)

Anonymous said...

Here are all their six albums:!qMw23YgY!71Rt-lpVZ44kt8cbWRHZ3AAKsk5HLAe_ERRZnW0_Bew


Feelgood said...

He, Joske saw you also on HearRockCity with New Adventures.

For those who want to compleet the discography.

New Adventures - Crusade (with 1 different mix (Mama Bay) collection record Canada 1982)
New Adventures - Lost And Found (1999)
New Adventures - The Best Adventures (1983) will be removed on 20 februari 2018

And here are some live recordings from mine collection.(FLAC)

New Adventures - Almost Lost, Ruinerwold, Oct. 15th 1978 The Netherlands
New Adventures - LIVE!! Ruinerwold, May 8th 1982, The Netherlands will be removed on 20 februari 2018

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Thank you ALL for the greatly needed links!!! I am overwhelmed.
Thanks again,

S.D. Joe said...

Somebody buy that man a drink! Much obliged to you.