Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Fotomaker - st LP 78 w Vis-a-vis LP 78 w Transfer Station LP 79

REPOST Request:  Photoflamingo above and Fotomaker here!
Link 1 of 3:
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Link 3 of 3:


Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...
angstytimelord said...
Thanks! Closing the window that came up and immediately clicking the download button again seems to have worked, thankfully! Haha, that freaked me out the first couple of times I tried to DL the album -- I was all worried that I had some kind of malware or virus, so I ran checks on both and came up clean, and I was mystified as to what was going on! But I figured that it was something with Zippyshare, so thanks for confirming that I was right about that!

Downloading the album now, can't wait to hear it! I've read so many good things about Fotomaker's first album that I'm really curious to hear it.

NOVEMBER 5, 2016 AT 9:41 PM
Juliane said...
I know I may seem quite demanding lately, but could you please repost these too

Thx, Ju

OCTOBER 23, 2017 AT 3:27 PM

tom said...
Thanks, been looking for the 2nd/3rd LPs

NOVEMBER 2, 2016 AT 8:10 AM

OCTOBER 24, 2017 AT 9:44 AM
Anonymous said...
Saludos desde México, excelente página. Tendrás algo de una banda llamada Dictators (Manifest destiny 1977, Bloodbrothers 1978) Saludos.

OCTOBER 25, 2017 AT 10:19 AM
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Anonymous said...

Wow. Every so often something amazing shows up here. I have not cracked open the Fotomaker albums yet but I'm willing to bet they are that. :D