Thursday, January 18, 2018

SSD - The Kids Will Have Their Say EP 82 w Get It Away EP 83 w Power w Break It Up w How We Rock

REPOST Request:  Here is all the SSD I could find with only the best bitrates.  I also had posted long ago a couple of live shows by them I had got from a collector which I can post later if needed.  Thanks to Dr. Drunk or Wildevilman for their recent post of  Power whatever that is I don't know.
Link 1 of 3:
Link 2 of 3:
Link 3 of 3:


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Anonymous said...
Oi! Apart form this SSD albums, do you have How We Rock and Break It Up? Thanks!!!!

JANUARY 5, 2018 AT 8:03 PM

Anonymous said...

Oi! Oi!! Thanks for the post!!!!