Monday, January 8, 2018

Janis Ian - st LP 67 w Between The Lines LP 75 w Aftertones LP 76

Wow, sexual predator and all around cheesy stereotype idiot, Bill Cosby ruined this artist's career when he saw her backstage at the Smothers Brothers show sleeping in an older family friend's and chaperone's lap waiting to perform when he called her a lesbian (probably because she refused his sexual advances) at 14 years old and thus pigeonholed her and diminished her career as she ended up going that route out of spite for the wrong reasons.  What a shame that shows got cancelled from it.  Loose lips sink Bill in jail yet?
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Anonymous said...

"nobody's heard of her"???? You are aware she had a huge hit with Society's Child and was #1 with "At Seventeen." Or maybe not aware at all . . .

Anonymous said...

Hey Wow! I love Janis Ian!! Can you post "Miracle Row" too? I can't find it elsewhere!! Let me know please! Thanks alot in advance, my friend!!! Congrats for your very interesting blog!!!