Wednesday, January 3, 2018

CANNED HEAT - Original EP 67 w Boogie With LP 68 78 w Living The Blues 2LP 68 w HALLELUJAH (TWEN) LP 69 w Live Future Blues (Boot) LP 70 w Future Blues LP 70 w Vintage LP 70 w 70 Concert (Live In Europe) LP w Hooker And Heat 2LP 71 w Live In Topanga Corral LP 71 w Historical Figures And Ancient Heads LP 71 w The New Age LP 73 w One More River To Cross LP 73 w Dog House Blues LP 82 w Captured Live Historic In Concert Series LP 81

What an outstanding band who really helped redefine blues and push it to new horizons even recording a DOUBLE album with famous blues man John Lee Hooker.  I know one of the guys lives in MN--perhaps moving when they released the first big seller under the next printing at local MN label Pickwick--as I went to a high school graduation private party thru another friend where they played outdoors at a house on the big lakes chain.  Then I got to see them play the intimate Cabooze bar in the early nineties and it was an incredible show that I was right up front to see and sounded as good or better than the LP's.
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Anonymous said...

Hi...great post. Was unaware of a 1967 EP by the band. Can you tell me what the music was and if there was a cover.

I cant seem to find anything on the net about a 1967 EP by canned heat.


Lewdd said...

I have never listened to these guys but have heard raves. Where should I start with them? Is there a greatest hits or collection worth starting with?

Anonymous said...

Canned Heat - Original

A side
Dust My broom 5:45
Wish you would 7:54

B side
Bullfrog Blues 7:09
Sweet Sixteen 9:46