Wednesday, January 31, 2018

NO ALTERNATIVE - Nights In S.F. 78 - 82 LP 03

REPOST Request:  Flipper's local tour buddies...can't believe I had never heard this one accept for the "Dead Men Tell No Lies" from the MRR comp. Not So Quiet On The Western Front 2LP this version is from.  That first song could have been an outtake from the classic Social Distortion album I grew up with, "Mommy's Little Monster".

SCREAMS - st LP 79

REPOST Request:  Nice choice, kind of obscure hard edge 80's kind of band leaning punk.

CHARLIE BURTON - Don't Fight The Band That Needs You!! LP 83

REPOST Request:  Pretty old post here so I kind of forget what it sounds like.

THE HITMEN - Aim For The Feet LP 80 w Torn Together LP 81

REPOST Request:  Many first heard this band on one of the Exposed compilations.

The Kind - st EP 82 w Pain And Pleasure LP 83

REPOST Request:   O.K. another Illinois band ala PEZBAND ala OFF BROADWAY also both from that late seventies Illinois band scene outside of Chicage getting airplay on teen music stations and sounding very glam style I might add--I was just in fourth grade and didn't know what to call it but rollerskating rink music of the day who read "Dynamite" magazine.

The Effigies - Body Bag 7 82 w We're Da Machine 7 w Remains Nonviewable LP 84 w Forever Grounded LP 84 w Fly On A Wire LP 85 w Ink LP 86 w Live At Reggie's Chicago, IL 2009 w Viacom Live video 05

REPOST and ADD ON:  Didn't realize we were missing most of this stuff.  Also amazing these rip's I've collected from others that are the low bit rate mainly (128 kb/s) sound really good surprisingly!  I added a short tidbit I recorded in 2005 from my old youtube channel as well.  They played Mpls a lot.
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JOEY WILSON - Going Up LP 80

REPOST Request:  Glad some people are discovering this deceased Philly artist as quite good and produced by Blondie's Jimmy Destri!

IAN GOMM - Gomm With The Wind LP 79 w What A Blow LP 81

REPOST Request:  O.K. another famous 80's producer-type (ala Rupert Hines, etc.) from the Stiff label who actually had an early crossover hit with, "(Swayin' To The Music) Slow Dancin'".

SALEM 66 - st EP 84 w A Ripping Spin LP 85 w Frequency And Urgency LP 87 w National Disasters, National Treasures LP 88

REPOST Request:   What are they fortune tellers, how did they know I would be giving them a 'ripping spin'....little blogger humor there sorry.  
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NAZARETH - st LP 72 w Exercises LP 72 w Rock Angels LP 73 w Razamanaz LP 73 w Loud'n'Proud LP 73 w Rampant LP 74 w Hair of the Dog LP 75 w Close Enough For Rock N Roll LP 75 w Hot Tracks LP 75

REPOST Request:  Yeah, I agree, it's been too long since this 70's Hard Rock band was posted.
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Sad Cafe - Misplaced Ideals LP 78 w Facade LP 79 w st LP 80 w Best Of LP 84 w Politics Of Existing LP 85

REPOST Request:  Seem to be missing the Best Of LP as I bought that much later so different hard drive but that contains only repeats of the first press albums here and usually doesn't sound as good as those pressings.  However, it reminds me I am missing their first LP so now new incentive to buy it.
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Jet Black Factory - Days Like These EP 86 w House Blessing LP 90 w The Crossing LP 91

REPOST Request:  Lots O' positive comments about this band and lots 'O reposts!
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The Sports - Hit Single 1979 7inch w Don't Throw Stones LP 79 (U.S. and Australian Release) w Suddenly...LP 80

REPOST Request:  Great Aussie band in the Joe Jackson sounding catagory which is top notch!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Suzanne FELLINI - Heaven LP 80

This has some hidden gems and a couple of blander songs but still, I am glad the requester persisted in asking me for it as a very good value and a keeper at least for awhile.  Enjoy!

VA - "Difficult Music" Compilation by Johnnie DiiBoy

Around the time Johnnie DiiBoy gave me this compilation he made, Difficult Music was just starting to get a separate divider from 'Industrial Music' at all the record stores in town.  This comp. is missing the song labels so I made it one download of side 1 which is a mix with Rapeman, Big Black, Pigbag, Skinny Puppy, Dead Kennedys, Fear, Happy Flowers and some others you will recognize so list in comments, but it's his inbetween song banter with a theme to the end that I find very fascinating.  Side 2 is a live show by Skinny  Puppy and if you can help label that leave in comments.  Johnny had the difficult music looks as well with random patches of bald head and a long lab coat he always wore.
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GODDO - st LP 77 w Who Cares LP 78 w An Act Of GODDO LP 79

First there were the Godz, then came GODDO!  Starts out as some pretty decent 70's Hard Rock.
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