Friday, December 1, 2017

UHF - Jorge Morreu 7 79 w Cavalos de Corrida 7 80 w Á Flor Da Pele EP 81 w Rua Do Carmo 7 81 w Modelo Fotográfico 7 81 w Persona Non Grata 7 82 w Estou De Passagem EP 82 w Ares E Bares De Fronteira EP 83 w No Jogo Da Noite (Ao Vivo Em Almada) EP 85

REPOST Request and ADD ON:  Great pop punk band from Portugal, enjoy!  For purplefloyd.
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Link 2 of 2:


Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

purple floyd said...
hello!! i'me a big fan of this band,can you please repost thanks in advance.

NOVEMBER 29, 2017 AT 12:16 PM

purple floyd said...

Hello!! this is a old band from my country,still in activity,great stuff you put here,thanks a lot for this, you make my day.