Friday, December 22, 2017

The D.P.'s - If You Know What I Mean LP 78

REPOST Request:  See here is the perfect kind of band/sound for this blog.  Highly recommended.


Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Anonymous said...
could you repost this rarity please ?

DECEMBER 21, 2017 AT 8:41 AM

Davideomusic73 said...

Hi,my friend: I hope you're enjoying this special time so much.Let me tell you:
Thank you very much for all your 2017 vinyl gifts (hundreds and hundreds)and Happy New Year for you , all your parnerts and of course: your loved ones.All the best in 2018!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's a really cool album! Thanks & happy new year!


Anonymous said...

True story: I downloaded this album, thought it was great stuff... and over the last few months it just kinda drifted toward the bottom of the pile. It came back to mind and wouldn't you know it, I forgot the name! So today I said, "Hey! This is where I found that blasted album I can't find any more!"

I just started paging backward through time until I arrive here and viola, mystery solved.

In the process I became AMAZED at the amount of uber-quality music you have uploaded. And now I have too many albums to list in my download queue.

Consider yourself thanked, by the amazed. :D