Friday, December 22, 2017

SISTER DOUBLE HAPPINESS - st LP 88 w Heart and Mind LP 91 wThe Soap Opera Saga 4th Episode Promo Tape 91

REPOST Request:  This is DU Blog 101 essential listening featuring good old uncle Gary Floyd from the Dicks fame, writer of a favorite punk song of mine "Fake Bands", meditative spiritual man and very talented painter as well who still puts on regular art/music shows and is a long time friend on facebook.  HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!
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The D.P.'s - If You Know What I Mean LP 78

REPOST Request:  See here is the perfect kind of band/sound for this blog.  Highly recommended.

THE JET BLACK BERRIES - Sundown On Venus 2.5LP 84 w Desperate Fires LP 86 w Animal Necessity LP 88

REPOST Request:  Per Woody's comment, "Sundown On Venus" is a fantastic album!
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YACHTS - S.O.S. LP 79 w Without Radar LP 80

REPOST Request:  "One of the best little known bands from this time period" per the comment from good old Jim from the record store who I would like to thank for all his insights with these bands.
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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Green Brier Lane - Christmas Time In The 909 - As Heard On KROQ! CD

Getting ready for Christmas, here is a tune you could fill in your own area code and hum this catchy tune in your head all next week..Ha Ha!   I got at the store in CA in 2003 the year I worked there for a short term position but just in time to see my favorite bands:  Dickies, Angry Samoans, hang out with Youth Brigade and I kind of miss that so now I am friends with all the artists on facebook.  Cheers!

VICTIMS FAMILY - 4 Great Thrash Songs CD 95

O.K. so I finally found this request as someone got me thinking it was a VA (Various Artist) compilation with this album title.  Such an excellent band and here you can finally hear them live and yes, still an excellent band that used to tour with the Rhythm Pigs in a similar punk vein.  I will have next week as vacation so I cannot come into the office to post as I am offline at home so I would like to thank everybody for a great and special year at the blog and making helpful comments and posting helpful links, as Mark Underground used to say, you are what makes this blog special...have a fun and safe new years and I'll be back at it next year until only the keepers are left...that is if I stop buying..NOT!!!!


Another excellent new find at the big dollar sale last weekend.

Rockets - Turn Up The Radio LP 79

This is one I knew I had to get eventually and so quickly snatched it up at the big dollar sale last weekend.  Well, it turns out the song 'Oh Well' is very familiar from AOR radio back in grade school.

SPACE - Magic Fly LP 77

Now this was a banner dollar sale find the other day!  However in rough shape but yeah, this is the stuff people were listening to when Star Wars came out, trying for that space music genre.

Total Coelo - I Eat Cannibals 12 EP 83

SEARCH ABOVE AS "TOTO COELO" FOR MORE and ADD ON:  Yes they did the Dracula 7 from a few months ago and now tackle cannabalism, kind of a Belle Stars type sound.

Culture Club - Collect 12 inch Mixes Plus CD 91

After watching a youtube short program about Boy George in London and seeing how he was a cool local there that I could identify with, I decided to pick this up at Goodwill Bucket store on lunchbreak one day.  I actually kind of liked their stuff back in the day, didn't buy any but didn't have any issues with what the band was doing.  I was there with everybody else on MTV when they made their splash

STACY LATTISAW - Let Me Be Your Angel LP 80

SEARCH ABOVE FOR MORE and ADD ON:  Found another dollar bin treasure...dynamite!

off broadway - ON LP 79 w Quick Turns LP 80 w Bad Indication CD

REPOST Request:  Sorry about the bad lighting--must have been burning the midnight oil at my old place to get these done.  Takes me back to fourth grade rollerskating rink days with bands like the Hawks, PEZBAND, the Kind, the Sweet or the Rollers,etc. but I got recommended this band by a collector at our local show who said their song, "Full Moon Turn My Head Around" is the perfect song in every way and indeed we have a few versions here to choose from.  AKA the Thumbs.
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THE WOOLLFE GANG - Apprehentious LP 81

REPOST Request:  For the guy who was in one of their videos and it trying to find a copy. Good Luck!        Very creative stuff from this old Minneapolis band who were Wolfman Jack fans and had him on the record.  A cool bit at the end where they are just talking about the album and laughing about it.

The Moody Blues - Go Now The Moody Blues No. 1 LP 65

Finding this at the big dollar sale the other day, I guess a guy in the band is from where I currently reside.  I don't think I will post any more as the Merseybeat from this first one dissipates I guess.

JOE KING CARRASCO AND THE CROWNS - st LP 80 w Synapse Gap (Mundo Total) LP 82 w Party Weekend LP 83

SEARCH ABOVE FOR MORE and ADD ON:  Talk about your U.S. bar rock (below post) here is one of the best along with the Beat Farmers...from Austin, TX.
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BEAT RODEO - Staying Out Late With LP 85

Some classic Twin Cities Bar Rock with Steve Almaas.

HOUNDS - Unleashed LP 78 w Puttin' On The Dog LP 79

REPOST Request:  For Jeffrey Boyle, Happy Holidays!

INNER CIRCLE - Reggae Dancer CD 94

Doesn't have the Cops theme on this one, just found it at the Goodwill for a buck, not bad.

The Red House - There Is A Window LP 87

REPOST Request:  Great band from New Jersey and singer Bruce Tunkel released several solo releases and show have a new one by now per the comment.

The Gizmos - 1976-1977 - Muff Divin' 7 76 w Amerika First 7 77 w Never Mind The Sex Pistols, Here's The Gizmos 7 78 w Hoosier Hysteria 7 80 w The Gizmos World Tour 7

REPOST Request:  For Phillip--he hopes you get lots of GIZMOS for Christmas!

DOCTOR WHO - Sounds From Another Time CD

Great comp. for your Dr. Who fans like Angstytimelord, Happy Holidays!


Very familiar early rave type music I got for a dollar!