Monday, November 27, 2017

MOVING PICTURES - Days Of Innocence LP 82 w Matinee LP 83

REPOST And NEW RIP:  Well thanks to the outstanding detective work of Angstytimelord who figured out the cassette I had posted above was labelled backwards, I can now present this Australian band with proper labels.  I found the first LP for cheap recently even though I already had posted it separately (!!) as an older rip so I got it anyway with new rip.

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Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Anonymous said...
These guys were Australian man. I do not think an American would use the term "corner shop." Also, check wiki and discogs, etc they all agree with me.


AUGUST 20, 2014 AT 8:04 AM
Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...
THanks Nathan! My core mission is to just get the vinyl's I have preserved...I leave the details like trimming the cover shot and figuring out background--if I don't know it--up to others. I try for quantity ripped to keep 'em out of the landfills!

AUGUST 20, 2014 AT 10:38 AM

David James said...
Excellent band and a really good album, less "wannabe Springsteen" than the first album.

NOVEMBER 8, 2017 AT 9:35 AM
angstytimelord said...
Would you believe that this is the same band who had that big hit "What About Me" back in the 80s? I don't think this one sounds ANYTHING like their big hit! I was curious about it when I saw this post, so I looked up "Matinne Moving Pictures," and found out that "Matinee" is the album title, and the band's name is Moving Pictures -- a little more digging discovered that it's the same band who did the "What About Me" song! I had no idea they'd done another album after "Days of Innocence" -- this is a great find! Thank you for posting it!

NOVEMBER 10, 2017 AT 1:23 PM
Dangerouscharm said...
Thanks a lot. This was great to hear again.

NOVEMBER 11, 2017 AT 4:50 PM
dangerouscharm said...
I am not into Springsteen at all but this band definitely had that New Jersey Springsteen sound. I like this though.

NOVEMBER 14, 2017 AT 5:55 AM