Wednesday, November 29, 2017

THE TWINS - The Desert Place 7 81 w Passion Factory LP 81 w Modern Lifestyle LP 82 w Super Sound Single EP 83

REPOST and ADD ON:  Found the first 7 and 2nd album by this highly regarded band (by me) yesterday while blogging at The Cold Tears blog by Wolf 72 so had to bring in my rips today to add to what they posted.  Really great electronica sound and as always, looking for more.  Oh yeah, I grew up a MN Twins fan and got to experience the two World Series wins so got 'em covered in song.
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VA - Oi! The Rarities Volumes 1-5 CD's 1996

On the 'all the Oi! comp's I can find' post I did a while ago, I just got a comment that I was missing two tracks each on a couple comp's and what do you know I find these last night while filling requests.  Who knows maybe the missing tracks are on this comp. series.
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VOLUMATIX - Volume One EP 82 w In The City LP 84

REPOST Request:  Great female strong vocalist led ska electronica dance music.

The Headboys - st LP 79

REPOST Request:  Well, O.K. now I got it.  I tried to find the flaws in my rip of this post a week ago and you all found the cyclical scratch I cut out of the title track and the rest was flawless IMO.  However, the comments kept coming so I figured it were remote viewing my back library.  See I had forgot I had downloaded this after all the good comments first post by searching around and finding it as FLAC lossless and also flawless for the critics.  I even got you MP3 from FLAC conversion Freeware you can use if your portable devices don't play FLAC.  Now I will take the hints from others to try to find the other album and 7's.
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Monday, November 27, 2017

Artimus Pyle Band - A.P.B. LP 82

Some good Southern Rock from this former Lynyrd Skynyrd drummer.  He also was on the Alias - Contraband album which was posted here.


A very heavy industrial rockin' band from Rhode Island.

DRUID - Toward The Sun LP 75

Cool prog rock band!


Charlie - Fantasy Girls LP 76 w No Second Chance LP 76 w Lines LP 78 w Fight Dirty LP 79 w good morning America LP 81 w st LP 83

The first two albums I have both covers shown above but pulled the rip off the first press of course!
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REM Live In Georgia 83 - File Under Kudzu CD

I got this at a record show somewhere long ago but I could not rip all the songs so a couple are not included but hey at least I am saving this now to my laptop.  'House in Order'....ya da da da.

The Upbeats - Pop Songs LP 86

REPOST and NEW RIP!!!!  Well, since the cult classic song 'Jello Party Mania" is so friggin' awesome, I decided to buy this vinyl again to make a better rip only to find out in the mail it was an all black cover version but say O'Tay buckwheat because I still had the cover shots from the earlier vinyl I sold off in the early years of the blog so I could buy more vinyl.  I put this after the REM post above because they were from the same GA scene and used to open for REM in the early days....I only wish the singer on the Jello party song sang on at least one more song but no go.  BTW I used to have annual kegger house parties and we would make jello shots with 100 Proof Everclear that we would have to get over the border in Wisconsin.  We called it, "Party Until The Paper Arrives".

SPIDER (AKA SHANGHAI) - SPIDER LP 80 w Between The Lines LP 81 w Shanghai LP 82 w X-Ray Vision EP 82

REPOST and NEW RIP!!  Got's to thank Angstytimelord for setting me straight on who this (these) band (s) are and in the process finding out how bad my first rip of Spider LP had been.  Thus I picked it up again at discogs and gave a fresh rip for the first Spider LP.  She also made me aware that the keyboard player Holly Knight and Michael Des Barre from McGiver TV series  went on to write "Obsession" for Animotion (and she recorded the original version of the song with Michael des Barres for the movie "A Night in Heaven") and "Love Is A Battlefield" for Pat Benatar.  Also per oowawa's comment, the singer Amanda Blue sang the original version of "Better Be Good to Me," which became a big hit for Tina Turner. A long version of this tune is on the "Between the Lines" LP. This is a great dance mix with plenty of cowbell.   Check comments for the youtube video link.
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BUCKETHEAD - Giant Robot CD 95

What an awesome RADIO K winning this was as it got me to go see Buckhead live with everyone wearing their KFC chicken bucket hat just like Buckethead and the songs I filmed became favorites on my old youtube channel.  Incredible guitar talent!!

BIG HEAD TODD AND THE MONSTERS - Another Mayberry CD 89 w Midnight Radio CD 90

Had To include these guys who played our Cabooze Bar and large street festivals quite regularly...the CD's are showing wear but the rip is O.K. so far as I listened on the way to work today.
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FAUX JEAN - Dead Lover CD 03

One of the biggest of the local MN Radio K bands.  They played the final show at the Uptown Bar which was also their final show I believe...too bad, they really got the troops up in arms so to speak!

MATTHEW SWEET - 100% Fun CD 95

Another from the old Radio K winnings bag as I used to call in to win quite often.  Matthew Sweet was pretty big in our alternative radio scene when we had that.

MOVING PICTURES - Days Of Innocence LP 82 w Matinee LP 83

REPOST And NEW RIP:  Well thanks to the outstanding detective work of Angstytimelord who figured out the cassette I had posted above was labelled backwards, I can now present this Australian band with proper labels.  I found the first LP for cheap recently even though I already had posted it separately (!!) as an older rip so I got it anyway with new rip.

GOLDEN SMOG - On Golden Smog EP 92 w Down By The Old Main Stream EP 95

Yes the above compilation prompted me to pull our Twin Cities old favorite supergroup with at times members of Soul Asylum, The Replacements, Wilco, The Jayhawks, Run Westy Run, The Honeydogs and Big Star. Golden Smog's lineup has often changed, but relative constants who appear on all the recordings are guitarists Kraig Johnson (Run Westy Run), Dan Murphy (Soul Asylum) and Gary Louris (The Jayhawks), along with bassist Marc Perlman (The Jayhawks).
The group took their name from a nickname given to Fred Flintstone in The Flintstones episode "Hot Lips Hannigan", which, in turn, was a parody of singer Mel Tormé's nickname (The Velvet Fog).

VA - 93.7 EDGE MN Modern Rock - The Pachyderm Sessions CD 95

Well I may have waited too long to start getting into my CD's as track 3 could not be captured to digital perhaps due to disc rot!  This radio station was the first to play alternative with commercials but sadly turned into a metal station.  That was O.K. back then because a new station took it's place called REV 105 for 'Revolution Radio' for which I will bring in that comp. CD but sadly that station also is no longer...I think it may be around as a new CURRENT alt country station but I certainly don't buy their guise as alternative.  Just a country station for the North in MN.  Comp. features some cool stuff from our hip hop scene which got huge and gave hip hop a new birth according to ICE CUBE when he toured and visited the schools up in the rough part of North Mpls., includes:  Run Westy Run, Matt Wilson (from Trip Shakespeare and now the Twilight Hours), Rex Daisy, Milk, Big Red Ball, Flipp, Babes In Toyland, Nova Mob, Glenrustles, Martin Zellar, John Casey, ZuZu's Petals, Tribe of Millions, The Blue Up?, Golden Smog (see below post) and good old Soul Asylum.

VA - Meanwhile Back At The Ranch Big Dan Was Fightin' For His Life LP

REPOST Request:  Thanks to Colin from the old Vatican record store for this cool compilation featuring:  The Palace Of Light, The Wild Kitchen, Brad Is Sex, The Patriots, The Brian Marshall Orchestra, The Fortunate Sons, Paul Roland, Nick And Tracy, The Chicaynes, Tortilla Flats and Nick Haeffner.    


REPOST Request:  Thanks Angstytimelord for setting me straight on what band is what like this side project from Blondie's Jimmy Destri...I will look for his solo release per your suggestion.

LUSH LIFE - Animal Nightlife LP 88

REPOST Request:  For Ray

WHITE CROSS - The Bride LP 87

REPOST Request:  This is the band from Australia that keeps getting repost requests.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Werewolves - st LP 78 w Ship Of Fools (summer weekends and no more blues) LP 78

REPOST Request:  I was going to repost this for Halloween but newer stuff took priority.  This rip is from the early days and luckily sounds good...damn!  I wish I would have kept these vinyl.

EXIL - Das Wort Muss Würgen EP 96 w Onkel Feinkost's Super 8 Memories LP 97

REPOST Request:  Thanks to Mark Underground for originally posting this band who he says contains former members of TURBOSTAAT.  I enjoyed it.