Monday, October 9, 2017


Named after Professor Bernard Quatermass, a fictional scientist who became the hero of three science fiction serials that were made in the 1950's, produced by BBC and considered all-time classics.  This is a good prog rock classic and different from their nineties release as Quatermass II of a different style.


Anonymous said...

Interesting band history behind these guys, many links to Deep Purple & their family tree, amongst other interesting associations.
Drummer Mick Underwood had previously played with The Outlaws, an instrumental band who featured Richie Blackmore later of Deep Purple & Rainbow on guitar. Then, after a stint in The Herd with Peter Frampton, he wound up in The Episode Six with Ian Gillan & Roger Glover both of whom would later join Deep Purple. After Quatermass split, he joined Paul Rodgers in his post-Free band Peace. When Free reformed Underwood joined Strapps who released 4 albums in the late 70s.
In the 80's Underwood reunited with his former Episode Six vocalist Ian in Gillan.
John Gustafson, the bass player, had previously been in the Merseybeats, and after his time in Quatermass, he formed Hard Stuff with former members of Atomic Rooster. He then joined Roxy Music for 3 albums, before finding himself in the Ian Gillan band in the mid-70s. Post IGB he worked with Gordon Giltrap.
KKeyboard player J Peter Robinson went on to join Brand X after Quatermass, and later played with Phil Collins on his solo material. He's now a well respected film composer.
The first song recorded by Richie Blackmore's Rainbow was a cover of the Quatermass track 'Black Sheep Of The Family' which became their 1st single & appeared on their debut LP.

Anonymous said...

Blimey, if all that's true they should have called the band Zelig!