Monday, October 9, 2017

BOZ SCAGGS - st LP 69 w Moments LP 70 w and the Band LP 71 w My Time LP 72 w Slow Dancer LP 74 w Silk Degrees LP 76 w Down Two Then Left LP 77

In my first house neighborhood, I had a neighbor who was really into this guy and had me tape some records for him.  Couldn't really collect any more after the 1977 record but he did get another 5 star vinyl afterwords on the Wiki rating system.  His first LP 'Boz' is on youtube and rare to find.
Link 1 of 4:
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Link 4 of 4:


Pernt said...

Oh my God... My online musical friend, you have NO IDEA how awesome this particular batch of tunes is. You're the best. Thank you!!!

angstytimelord said...

I LOVE me some Boz! That voice is like melted honey. All of these albums are great great great. Another one I'd recommend is the first "Hits" collection -- it has his song "Look What You've Done To Me" from "Urban Cowboy" (sucky movie, great song), and if that one doesn't touch the romantic in any person with ears, nothing will. If you ever get hold of his "Some Change" album, that's another one well worth hearing. The song "Sierra" is just gorgeous.

Sergej said...