Friday, October 13, 2017

BIG TROUBLE HOUSE - Afghanistan LP 89 w Live At The Peace And Justice Festival tape 89 w Watered Down EP 90 w Waterway EP 92 w Mouthful of Violence LP 90

REPOST Request:  Half of the Harder Fuller team at First Ave. is the singer here and you can tell they were hangin' there all the time like me with the first album title track sounding a lot like the Butthole Surfers.  I apologize for some of my very early first year (back in 2008) rips like the recent Spider aka Shanghai and this live tape with a Minutemen cover song (levels too high...ughh no way to correct as it's chopped and I don't have the tape anymore).  BTW make sure you got the Never Blue (Matthias from the band left a comment there about his new band) and Velvascourge as both had noise and I redid the rips.  Oh yeah since I'm fessin' and all sorry about getting Trump elected as he is worse than Obama now with his White Phosphorus increasing use in Iraq like Obama and his drones and depleted Uranium use going against all the world's agreements like the War Bully the USA really is now and they take down all the youtube videos about it and our news doesn't cover it (Trump haters why don't you use the White Phosphorus use to condemn him!).  We're all too chicken in the USA and currently living in a Police State with the controlled media (oh yeah the First Lady is a confirmed Reptilian).  Anyone want to put me up in a castle somewhere so I can just blog away during this last 10 years until I retire abroad as I don't make enough money to save for retirement?  Anyways short rant but it is truth and I guarantee every statement I make.
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Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

chris said...
Thank you for all of your great posts.

Is there any chance you might be able to re-up your Big Trouble House files, please?

OCTOBER 9, 2017 AT 2:52 AM

jonder said...

Preach, brother!
Also, "Union Feed Grain Mill" by Big Trouble House is one of my all-time faves.

chris said...

Thank you very, very much!