Thursday, September 21, 2017

FOXY - Get Off LP 78 w Hot Numbers LP 79 w Party Boys! LP 79 w LIVE FOXY LP 80

Five guys from Cuba who left after Castro took power.  Special mid-week rip here as I had to hear this after someone posted a video of their hit song 'Get Off' yesterday--finally describing this band who I had blindly collected and their intricate complex songs blew me away!
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angstytimelord said...

I know it hasn't been considered "cool" to be a fan of disco for years now, but I'm an unashamed disco girl. I was just starting high school when disco was in its heyday, and even though people sneer at it now, I remember that era with fondness -- some of those songs were great! And you're right about Foxy's music being very intricate -- their lyrics might have been a little banal at times, but musically, they were a terrific band. I especially love the "Hot Numbers" album -- the title track, "Give Me That Groove," "Devil Boogie," and "Lady of the Streets" are still some of my favorite songs from that era. It's a shame that people disparage the music that came out of those years. If they actually listened to it with an open mind, they'd probably find a lot of stuff that they really like.

Anonymous said...

Love Foxy! Great rook band. Must have been great live.


Steve In Toronto