Friday, August 4, 2017

BOOM BOOM G.I. - Slide A Little Closer LP 88 w Don't Know What I'll Wear LP 89

New Better Remaster:  Per the request, I had ripped these two originally when I was chasing the high frequencies with Audacity freeware after I had moved offline and lost a Magix software on-line higher frequency patch.  But learned that humans can't hear above the 48,000 Hz software limit and those extra frequencies run into each other and cause all I had to do was import my saved WAV files into my software which automatically gets it back in the lower frequency limit and cleans up the sound.  Since I saw these two the other day in a store where I sell back, I will keep an eye out for my old copies.    

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OCTOBER 1, 2015 AT 9:07 PM

Anonymous said...
It seems that at the time of this rip you temporarily changed a needle (or there was something similar) so this rip had a bit unnatural sound. But it still sounds good. Any chance you still have these records and can re-rip them? Same goes for 2 albums by Boom Boom G.I. - really nice albums, but sound is also somehow distorted... Thanks for all great vinyls you share with us, some are really awesome!

AUGUST 3, 2017 AT 12:01 PM