Monday, May 22, 2017

Gerry Rafferty - Can I Have My Money Back LP 71 w st LP 74 w City By City LP 78 w Stealer's Wheel, Best Of.. LP 78 w Night Owl LP 79 w Snakes And Ladders LP 80 w Sleepwalking LP 82

Another great lyricist who wears sunglasses all the time, kinda like Russ Ballard for example.  I wonder if the fellow Scotsmen in TV21 influenced the name of the S&L LP since such a big hit.
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schwarz brinsley said...

Many thanks, love your vinyl rips)

DonHo57 said... much Rafferty. I may be up all night listening to it again after all these years. Thank you! Love all your rips.

Mikebench said...

Thank you for sharing these wonderful recordings!