Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Shoe Up Records Presents 15 Tampoff Fans Can't Be Wrong 10"

REPOST Request:  I really don't know anything about the Tampoffs, I think they were from New Jersey, and had a split with the DC Snipers, but this appears to be a tribute to the band.   Four bands appear on this comp, the only band that I really know anything about is Tommy & the Terrors. The other three bands are The Konks, Turpentine Brothers,and  Spitzz. Still it's a good little comp. I think all the bands are from the Boston area, but who knows.  Released on Shoe Up Records. Ltd. to 500.   Cheers,     Brian Guy
Link:  http://www102.zippyshare.com/v/ktY5FbrS/file.html

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Al said...
the Tampoffs were from Boston and still play out on occasion. The other bands are all locals. The Konks singer Kurt was also in Bullet LaVolta and (here's some trivia) drew the cover of the Zero Boys' "Vicious Circle" album. Tom and Victoria from the Spitzz were in Showcase Showdown.

FEBRUARY 27, 2013 AT 9:40 AM
mad_daddy said...
Would love it if you could re-up this, and some of the other Boston stuff with expired links (This Is Boston Not LA, Throbbing Lobster comps, Sex Execs, Volcano Suns, etc

MARCH 14, 2017 AT 11:31 PM