Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Early prog guitarist who saw the first band 1-2-3.

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Bruce Brodeen said...

Real solid repsresentation of Derringer live in '77. I saw them in '77 and '78 live in Boston...Most folks are bias with the first self-titled album but I've always considered "Sweet Evil" as my Derringer go-to. Danny Johnson's interplay w/ Rick is really dynamite, they had a great chemistry I wish they had tried to keep together for a more years during this time.

I'm guessing there's some good other live material of the band out there - inccluding a few studio outtakes of this band. All four of which were at the top of their games here, though Vinnnie Appice and Kenny Aaronoff had plenty greater commercial success ahead of them.

Sadly, Derringer arguably peaked around this time.

The 3rd album, "If I Weren't Romantic, I'd Shoot You"(gawd awful title, of course) was a different, less rocking, almost power poppy affair. Was lambasted at the time but I'll always be a defender of it. 2/3 really, really good songs, a light hearted 'in studio' vibe, loose but still tight w/ session musician friends backing Derringer. Well, worth seeking out...(it came out on a CD two-fer w/ this live album in the mid 00s sometime. Long out of print, expensive rare CD now.

Even better was "Guitars and Women" a year later - again, filled with musician friends filling as a band and a few truly great songs on it. Was reissued on CD briefly almost 20 years ago, pretty easy to find now.