Monday, February 27, 2017

THE RINGS - st LP 81 w Rhythm Method LP 81

REPOST Request:  O.K. this is an oldy but a goody!


Jim H. said...

Boston band, signed in the wake of the Car's success....first LP is pretty good new wave, second one has a HORRIBLE cover but has some great music....thanks!!!

Bruce Brodeen said...

Two totally awesome('wicked pissa cool' as Bostonians say), totally over-looked, ignored and forgotten albums. I'm bias - grew up in Boston and was a fan as soon as I heard my first song but the albums hold up. I listen to them both a few times a year still, consistently. Been searching for demos and unreleased material since the beginning of the internet. A few things on YouTube but not that elusive 'lost album'. I remain hopeful until my dying breath.

Jim is right about cover of second album. I'll go one step further: goes into Hall of Shame as example of one of the worst ever.