Monday, December 19, 2016

HOODOO RHYTHM DEVILS - Rack Jabbers Rule LP 71 w The Barbeque Of Deville LP 72 w What The Kids Want LP 73 w Safe In Their Homes LP 76 w All Kidding Aside LP 78

I do completely relate to this band having recently gone through my own little 'roast' but anyways I really dig them as the band features a guy who played guitar with Johnny and  Edgar Winter back in high school bands in Conroe, TX and joined up with a really knowledgeable music teacher from San Francisco and some other funk-a-teers there in Haight Asbury with a Robera Flack bass player and a Stever Miller Band drummer for a short while.
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KDNYfm said...

GoodDay VCMD...thanx for the Hoodoos Safe in their homes...
Been looking for Steve Miller Guest spots, and this has been hard to trak down.