Tuesday, November 22, 2016

SOUL ASYLUM - KJ104 Emergency Food Shelf Benefit w KFAI 90.3 Acoustic w Various Bonus Live

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!  These guys used to play around this time of year and I would see them every time, many times at the annual Thanksgiving shows at First Avenue club so I was kind of missing that and so here is a cool post for you.  I was at the canned food drive show while a friend taped it for me on the radio then I also taped the other radio segment with a few CARS songs mixed with a Jane's Addiction song!  They also cover my favorites by the Descendents (Hope), Eddie and the Hot Rods (Do Anything You Want To Do), MC5 (Shakin' Street), Lulu (To Sir With Love) and even Marvin Gaye (Sexual Healing)!!  I was surprised the old Loud Fast Rules early stuff per their first band name link didn't expire after last download with 30 day gap so check that out for the faster stuff.  I had a request for the first 1984 LP "Say What You Will" so I pulled it out and damn those first two songs with Voodoo Doll really took me back to those "Long Day" s in my room growing up listening to that album quite a bit, when Dave had that controlled-to-silent scream--first two songs are killer but Twin Tone re-released all the albums w bonus tunes and will digitize so I don't post those.
Link 1 of 4 (radio shows):  http://www56.zippyshare.com/v/hxHVsFog/file.html
Link 2 of 4 (mix 1):  http://www56.zippyshare.com/v/OllqiZ9F/file.html
Link 3 of 4 (mix 2):  http://www56.zippyshare.com/v/HVA0vqZY/file.html
Link 4 of 4 (Dave Pirner and Dan Murphy acoustic 93):  http://www56.zippyshare.com/v/INDhVTwi/file.html

If you liked Soul Asylum you will LOVE the Heartless Bastards!!!!
Go out and see Erika from Heartless Bastards doing some solo shows over the holidays!!!
Erika will be doing a short run of solo shows for the holidays! She will be joined by a cast of friends playing new songs and old Heartless Bastards favorites. If you need some holiday cheer then this is the place! Tickets for all shows are on sale now.
Dec 1 @ The Continental Club – Austin TX 
Dec 21 @ The Basement Nashville – Nashville TN 
With Justin and the Cosmics  w Hugh Masterson
Dec 22 @ Cloverdale Dayton – Dayton OH
With RRing (Kelley Deal) & Paige Beller
Dec 23 @ The Woodward Theater – Cincinnati OH
With Jesse Ebaugh and the Tender Things 

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Some Soul Asylum I haven't heard before. Many thanks. Like yourself, I made sure to catch Soul Asylum everytime they managed to swing thru town (London at the time). In the late 80s, Soul Asylum were one of the best live bands on the planet! From small bars to medium sized venues they always delivered. I dragged many friends along to a S.A. gig knowing they'd be a convert before we left the venue.
Unfortunately, post "Runaway Train", it was harder to convince others (and myself) to go and see them, and so I haven't since 1992. But those late 80s gigs still rank right up there as some of the best...
Thanks again for the Soul Asylum
Steve (from Sydney)