Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Headboys - st LP 79

You will really hear a big handful of songs this week that cross between all the posted artists...that is like THIS band having a "ripper" song along with Lord Sutch or these guys do "The Shape of Things to Come" while Bowie does a whole album of mainly covers like what Gary Moore like to cover, "Shapes of Things", etc.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. A great album that i haven't heard for years. Still love it and cant believe how good it is.

jim kosmicki said...

this is a very solid album. Don't know how this didn't break out at least on album radio

Richard said...

Brilliant album, which I have on vinyl - I love "We're Gonna Do It Like This" - I don't think the track "Schoolgirls" would be acceptable these days though. Different times. Great pop music on here in any case.

Anonymous said...

Man, I love this record. Sadly there are a lot of errors on the rip.