Wednesday, March 2, 2016

TOMITA and The Plasma Symphony Orchestra - Kosmos LP 78 w The Bermuda Triangle LP 79 w Canon Of the Three Stars LP 84 w Live At Lice LP 84

SEARCH ABOVE FOR MORE and ADD-ON:  Well my luck seems good as usual as the Universe opened up again recently at a record store to reveal to me these last missing TOMITA releases I didn't have and ONLY showing me the ones I was missing.  All the pop's tirelessly cut out by me...BTW if you hear even the slightest pops on any rip's I've done where I missed it, I can go back to the WAV file and cut it out...just sayin' :>}
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Anonymous said...

Fab and groovy man, many thanks for posting this far out space music, love and peace.

Said Zúñiga said...

The links expired. Could you upload them again? PLEASE!