Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Blank Generation - The Birth Of Punk VHS Rip 1976

Not sure how available this is but thought I would rip and post as very cool VHS.  Use the joiner freeware in the last file to join the four parts together as one.  Don't worry the sound and visual are not meant to line up exactly.
Link 1 of 4:
Link 2 of 4:
Link 3 of 4:
Link 4 of 4:


tom said...

Thanks, been wanting to see this for a long time - the picture you posted is from the 1980 feature film not this 1976 documentary

Lord Vhs said...

THANKS A LOT ; you're the big boss full of treaures.God bless you and have a nice weekend

Vill helm said...

Check out this review from an awesome movie blog:

Anonymous said...

What a great upload! Really really thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Please post again if possible. Links expired. Thanks!!!