Tuesday, January 12, 2016

VA - Playboy Street Rock LP

And a pretty cover indeed!  This is a very interesting comp. wherein PLAYBOY sponsored these radio stations across the United States to bring forward their best bands.  Thus it gives context to bands like New York's Revelons whose album I have seen posted in the blogsphere and the blogger had no idea who they were but that they were really good.  Others included:  Tiger Tiger from Chicago, The Revelons from NY, The Jackals from Boston, Kick Axe from Vancouver, The Schoolboys from Philadelphia, Snake Rock from Cleveland, The Remedials from Montreal, Ms. Treat from Tampa Bay and GRAND PRIZE WINNERS:  Champion V from Chicago and Wally Poz from Boston.  Yeah it Kick's Axe!!  http://www37.zippyshare.com/v/jxRNBZTP/file.html


Jim H. said...

Pretty decent stuff!!! When i was in Philadelphia, rehearsing with a drummer I'd met before moving here to Boston in 1984, I seem to remember hearing about The Schoolboys as being a pretty good power-pop-new-wave type of band...they're really good! thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Great compilation. Killer track is champion V - steppin' out. Joske