Friday, January 8, 2016

HUMAN RIGHTS (HR) - It's About Luv EP w Keepin' Out Of Reach EP w Viva Azania LP w Singin' In The Heart LP

REPOST Request:  Yes, one of my all time favorites and very early influences, I have seen HR and Bad Brains several times and he even invited me into his touring vehicle while he was being interviewed before a show and then gave me a live video disk he had procured from a fan w/o permission to film, that used to be quite popular on my old Youtube site.  I couldn't find a later CD I bought from him to include here but maybe is very good and in the fashion of some of the hip hop disks that were coming out after 2000.  He has never done a bad show that I have seen.  He is a very wise Rastafarian and either feeds off good energy present or flings the bullshit right back.

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d. said...

Let's see ...

It's About Luv EP w Keepin' Out Of Reach EP

- skipped due to weird format and low bitrate this time. no problem. i can wait.

Viva Azania LP

- oh boy, what a Mischung, what a MERSH product (like Meat Puppets on Monsters). they went for pop formats of the 1980s for no reason at all but their own fancy. or a joke! raw deal was/is THE deal, and always will be. that said, HR's voice is uplifting one way or the other.

Singin' In The Heart LP

- this one is slightly better. marred mostly by title track that could have entered mainstream synth pop charts. kill the synth player, let the sax player live! that said, simple ditty like 'Treat Street' tickles my heart in a pleasurable way & makes my feet wobbly and ready to skank.

I like the next LP - Charge - without reservation.

As always, many thanks!