Wednesday, December 2, 2015

OTTO'S CHEMICAL LOUNGE - 7 w Spillover EP 85

REPOST Request:  Good choice, damn I miss seeing these guys!  First 7 inch is produced by Bob Mould and Grant Hart from Husker Du.  I filmed an entire show in 2006 for my old youtube channel before Viacom axed it.  Still friends with Dale on facebook who used to have a record store downtown.  Nothing like Paul Osby's incredible Hendrix-style guitar playing (well maybe Tom Hazelmeyer in Halo Of Flies another TC Punk local got close to the guitar sound) and he went on to form the Blue Hippos who I have posted here in the past. Note I forgot the 7 today so you get new rip later!

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d. said...

Thanks for this one too.