Monday, November 9, 2015

VEXED - The Good Fight LP 90

REPOST w Better RIP!!:  Yes, I have switched back to the old trusty S-120 needle and so will be over time replacing the rips I did from the one week before Halloween, week of Halloween 2015 and the week after Halloween so hang tight and replace the old with the new if you would be so kind (to your ears!!)


d. said...

Excellent! This new rip is significantly better! Low end kicks ass. Thanks. (also for Nice Strong Arm re-rip).

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Thanks d. I think that's the best comment I ever got! Turns out the "magic formula" for ripping into your computer from a $15 pre-amp is: Magix software from ACLAB with software boost set during recording at 1.7, top lever set to 30% on function that takes out and finds pops and clicks, Line in volume to computer at 32%, amp levers set so that 'red' zone in software just barely flickers on loudest song, S-120 DJ stylus with excellent tracking and 10 mV 'cheesy boost' as the audiophiles will tell you but I like it maxed at the needle and Numark TT-100 turntable per standard DJ package, RCA white and red cord that goes to single prong to input of computer sound card. There ya have challenge me with your rips and we can replace songs for better songs w/o scratches...(yeah right, that'll happen) but goal is to preserve this music and have it sound killler on the laptops raising the bar in spirituality and consciousness.

d. said...

Hello VCMDonYT! I can't challenge you with my own vinyl rips because I am still not able to rip my own record collection. It seems quite complicated to me so I created mental obstacle! (once I start I'll learn from your 'magic formula' mentioned here). I can only rip CDs at the moment. Anyhow, for some reason I always prefer to listen to decent vinyl rips. I own more than 70% of records that I take as downloads from your blogsite and usually listen to them on headphones in transit to work everyday. I am not an audiophile but can easily hear differences between rips. This particular one (old version) was quite strange - fuzzy, without enough low frequencies & with buzz in the background. Now it (new version) rocks! Keep on ripping! (I've just downloaded new version of 'Desire' by Tuxeedomoon). I hope that near future brings new surprises from the cut-out record bins (and from the shelves with pricy rare records too)! Thank you for your effort and willingness to share.