Monday, November 16, 2015

SALEM 66 - st EP 84 w A Ripping Spin LP 85 w Frequency And Urgency LP 87 w National Disasters, National Treasures LP 88

Since we've had some recent Homestead label interest (yeah I like it too and posted my favorites long ago) here is a band that I think is a top ten for me for lyrical content...checking in with me through a time tunnel to see that I made it O.K. and am prospering---ahhh yeah, that is cool!!!  Full of nice surprises that I just can't remember today as it's late at work and my brain is fried.
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Anonymous said...

Awesome, don't know why i gave away all their records i had years ago. Thanks for the post.

Jim H. said...

good band, saw them many time around here in Boston.....worked with a guy who was one of their guitarists ca. 1985......thanks!

Donut Duck (Your Punk Rawk Fonzie) said...

Thanks a lot!