Monday, October 12, 2015

PRISM - Small Change LP 81

I actually was collecting all of their stuff but got rid of it for some reason until some poor kind soul like myself from my vinyl obsession group at facebook told me this was their best album, then saw it again in the cut-out bin for not much money so with instructions bought it and here ya go!  (now back to the sell pile...LOL)  I do remember one song on it from my grade school AOR radio listening.


Anonymous said...

Good LP by Prism but certainly not their best imo (all a matter of taste of course). The best is the Armageddon LP. PS: thanx for the Stiff stuff.

RA Feutz said...

I completely remember having this LP when I was a young teen. The track 'Don't Let Him Know' was all over AOR radio and a favourite of mine back then. I recently picked up a CD 'Best Of' by Prism...from 1996. Thanks for posting this and so many other great artists. I've been trolling your blog for a few hours now. Adding you to my blogpost!

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Thanks my fellow midwesterner. Just saw your blog and links for the first time after your comment. I have some Kissing the Pink stuff I will be posting so I downloaded what you and Madchester blog had. I still haven't heard them but liked the name. Lot of the stuff I am posting is from our Minneapolis college RADIO K (WMMR) and KFAI community radio that listened to since grade school so looks like we could overlap on stuff. Thanks for your comment and I will put you on our blog roll. Cheers!