Friday, October 9, 2015

PAMELA MOORE - Take A Look LP 80

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Anonymous said...

Great job down underground. Do you have the other record:
Pamela moore - You won't find me there. Thanks joske

Doug said...

Pamela Moore was not on my musical radar in 1980 or 2015.I will give it a listen.Thanks.I am always looking for music that I missed or maybe need to reevaluate.In 2015,I am mainly into jazz.I recommend the excellent new album by Scott Hamilton & The Jeff Hamilton Trio.

I also would like to thank you generally for a wonderful blog.And I should really get the hardware,software and knowledge to rip some of my own vinyl.

So ... thanks!

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Yeah I always hate to judge a book by its cover but for all these posts that's exactly what I did and it payed off! Still have a dozen boxes of vinyl to go (if I don't buy a shitload more !!). THanks for the comment--I think you will like this one. As a tip, go to Best Buy store and get the cheap cable that splits the red and white RCA jacks into one prong for your sound cards or line-in input on your computer. Then get a $20 pre-amp for your record player to get the RCA jacks boosted (mine has two lines--one for cassettes and one for phono with a cross fader) then go to MAGIX or Sound Forge to get the latest and best software package and your done! I have a the windows 3.0 version of AC LAB's MAGIX that I still use since its so intuitive and easy to use but the new stuff has better 'pop' sensing so you don't have to cut out every last pop and noise that cleaning won't take care of or can't find. It's an automatic button. I also like software boost. I keep line in volume to 30 - 40% to get rid of background fuzz, then adjust volume on the pre-amp so it just touches the 'red zone' shown on the recording window. Good luck and if you want to post here you can send the link to our email on the right side and I will put it up although any jazz I tried putting up got taken down by blogger such as Mingus and Monk stuff I like.