Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Vipers - Never Alone 7 w Outta The Nest w Nest In Peace LP 84 w 7s 87 88 w Not So Pretty...Not So New (Demos)

REPOST Request:  FYI, the Nest In Peace is bonus reissue package of Outta The Nest which I had on tape so I did vinyl rip way back when.  Oh yeah, the demo tape rip someone sent in is virtually unlistenable (never had to say this in all my blog files!) so whoever sent this to me thanks but turn your recording volume down to near 0 dB level so it doesn't get 'chopped' and lose data and then your line-in volume is maxed also so all the background fuzz makes it even worse.  I use near 30% computer line-in volume coming from a $15 dollar pre-amp and have it adjusted in software so it just trips the red levels over 0 dB.  Soon I will do a post giving you my freeware and instructions to help you bloggers since blogging is so demonized here in U.S. and so vinyl/tapes can be properly preserved.  Boost signal in software if you have to (p.s. I can do this with any old WAV rip I did).
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Frank Miller said...

If you need it, I think I have the cassette somewhere. Nice post!

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Frank, kind of you to offer. If you were to send it to me I would surely do it justice and post it here at the blog then send it back to you no problem. I'm a reliable trading partner, just ask mr poopy over at glorifytheturd blog. Cheers and have been enjoying your blog Shotgun Solution over the years...Mark Underground checked in with his blog here lately with a comment on the recent War with Eric Burden stuff and also Lee Oskar

Jim P. said...

Thank you so much for this!

Anonymous said...

Please reup Pöblers united - Full contact 7'' (+4 tracks)