Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Screaming Blue Messiahs - 86 EP w 88 EP w Bikini Red LP 87 w Totally Religious LP 89

Hardee Har Har...I want to be a Flintstone!  I know so far since I started w/o checkin' wiki they got two more albums like in 89 a later one for sure and the 86 EP refers to it's accompanying album.  Would love to hear it all and saw them at a 90's festival long ago...they were a staple band in our little scene or at First Avenue.


jonder said...

There were only three albums. The first one (Gun Shy) was followed by Bikini Red and Totally Religious. There was an EP called Good and Gone prior to the first album. The "Smash The Market Place" EP is a dance remix of the album track with a non-LP b-side ("The Power Glide"). I sure wish I could have seen them live! Here is Live At The BBC @320 (it's not a bootleg): https://mega.nz/#!yR41WDSD!vYy0nbUHFwwdP86uWzHfSuRbNVT7gutyt7IRXXcO21w

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

howdy jonder,
thanks for the info and the link!...I guess I assume stuff ain't up yet on Wiki usually.

LoFi Larry said...

I've got their first one for ya:

"Gun Shy" (1986) @320

And thanks for the live disc upgrade Jonder, my copy was terribly low bit.

jonder said...

You're welcome, Larry! I had Gun Shy in the queue by the turntable to digitize, so your share is very much appreciated. I have Good and Gone and the 84 Peel Session to share, but first here is BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert (from 88) at 320:


Anonymous said...

thanks Jonder for the live album !

jonder said...

I did rip the 1984 Peel Session by the Screaming Blue Messiahs from my vinyl EP. It features an early version of "Let's Go Down To The Woods" that was drastically revised on Gun Shy. Bill Carter reused the guitar arrangement from the first version of "Let's Go Down" for the instrumental "Power Glide" (on the b-side of the "Smash The Market Place" EP posted above). To me the original riff for "Lets Go Down" sounds like something that Stuart Adamson might have come up with for the Skids or Big Country, and I mean that as a compliment. The LP version soundss much darker.


jonder said...

Last but by no means least is the Gun Shy EP, the band's first release and a knockout collection of six brilliant songs. Good And Gone was never released on CD, but it showed up for sale this year from digital retailers with five extra tracks that were demos for Gun Shy.


Does anyone have the Motor Boys Motor EP? The Messiahs' singer/guitarist Bill Carter led this band before forming SBM with Motor Boys Motor bassist Chris Thompson. The EP includes a song called "Here Come The Flintstones" and another called "Clean Shirt and Shave" which was the riff for "Tracking The Dog". Motor Boys Motor was part of the pub rock scene (the band's name came from a 101'ers song, and they released a single on Stiff Records). Bill Carter's singing voice actually sounded less like Joe Strummer in MBM than it did in the Messiahs.

MBM's lyrics were surrealistic, and they covered Captain Beefheart's "Fast and Bulbous". The song "Growing For Gold" from the above Gun Shy demos was a Motor Boys Motor song that the Messiahs kept in their live sets. Sorry for the obsessive details. Again, I would love to have the Motor Boys Motor record if anyone can share it.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Really great info. Jonder. I found a rip I got at some other blog a while back for their LP from 1989, "Totally Religious" to round it out! Here 'tis: http://www41.zippyshare.com/v/YwejGI1n/file.html

jonder said...

I have Totally Religious on CD if you want an upgrade. I just ordered the Motor Boys Motor record and will post it here once it arrives. Here's "Clean Shirt And A Shave" with that familiar Messiahs riff: https://youtu.be/kgE0PqjVtXo

jonder said...

Motor Boys Motor S/T @320, ripped from CD.
MBM took their name from a 101'ers song title. Later on, the band Claw Boys Claw took their name from a Motor Boys Motor song. Enjoy, boys, enjoy!