Monday, August 24, 2015

WAH! Heat - 7 79 w WAH! Nah=Poo - The Art Of The Bluff LP 81 w 12 EP 83 w EP 82 w The Maverick Years 80 - 81 LP w THE MIGHTY WAH! WITH THE ARK ANGELS - A Word To The Wise Guy LP EPs 84

REPOST and ADD-ON:  Yes, I like early WAH!, very epic sounds serious as life itself.
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AliBoingo said...

Many thanks for this, been looking for Nah Poo for a while now ;-)

thepopeofpop said...

Great stuff - I bought all these on vinyl back in the day (yes, even "The Maverick Years").

djbethell said...

Wow, such a wonderful find. I was just a little too young at the time to get these, so thank you very much. X