Monday, August 3, 2015

FINGERPRINTZ - st EP 79 w The Very Dab LP 79 w Distinguishing Marks LP 80 w Beat Escape EP 81 w Beat Noir LP 81

O.K. my old friend from this blog with his own blog now (, my go-to European reference on all things punk and KBD, had posted one of these records last week and so it reminded me to get off dead center from waiting to find more and post what I have.  Great band!!!
Link 1 of 2:
Link 2 of 2:


WDM said...

You made a good choice to post all this stuff you have.
Great Band indeed.

Anonymous said...

have you Heard this:

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Hey Wildevilman,
I figured out this band reminds me of the PEZBAND quite a bit. They were riding on the coattails of the Bay City Rollers who were top band in my fourth grade class because they were the big hit at our roller skating parties at the roller rink. My favorite comment was after a post I did of PEZBAND when a listener said 'thanks for representing the '78 scene for us" as I have posted (not BCRollers as too cheesy for me) but the Rollers, the Kind were like them also. Very underrepresented and forgotten in the USA nowadays but my raison d'etre perhaps?