Wednesday, June 3, 2015

WHITE CROSS - st EP 82 w The Bride LP 87 w Deaf Dumb and Blind LP 95

REPOST Request and ADD-ON's:  This is actually two different bands but I numbered them together so there was no overlap in my laptop player.  I am glad someone requested the Aussie band album as it reminded me that I had the 82 seven inch and had not played it since I had got other rips from other blogs of it.  However, those other rips were at 192 kb/sec which via sampling theory wears down walkman batteries faster than 320 kb/sec rips.  Also this rippin' 7 has two songs at much higher recording levels when done live in the studio than the rest so I had to adjust levels for each song--this made the other rips I had from KBD or whatever inferior.  You see back in Junior high I had the song "American Way" that I had physically taped off the weekly MRR radio show by holding up the old horizontal tape players with top loading up to my multi-band radio to record.  This was my absolute favorite punk tape I would play a million times on my walkman and since it was the only song from the 7 inch played during that radio set levels were all the way up.  BTW if you really like punk like I do, go to the Maximum Rock and Roll blog that is posting ALL the weekly radio shows from back then and start downloading!  I have always meant to do that and have a few but haven't got them all yet.  So, this rip is at 320 kb/sec with each song a MAXIMUM LEVELS so prepare to have yer ears ripped off!!!!!!!~!  Damn I love this punk band.  Didn't have a cover for the later 95 LP of theirs from the old defunct PunkNotProfit blog.  This band is right up there with the top punk bands IMO
Link of 7 and Aussie LP:
Link of later U.S. LP:


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the re-up, it's much appreciated!

nekrodad said...

Thanks , I am dl both bands from ya. I own the cd of White Cross USA that grand theft put out years ago. But I wanted to hear it in the LP to digi format.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Sorry the 95 LP ain't my rip and the Aussie LP I no longer own but is my rip. It's the 7 that I own and can rip any time!