Monday, May 11, 2015

The Insect Trust - st LP

Got this one with my usual trade milk cart of vinyl but at a new merchant who wanted $35 dollars for it!!--glad I could trade.  And to tell you how hard this blogging thing is sometimes--besides being demonized and frowned upon and quickly quieted by everyone you might mention it to--the whole of side two had a scratch across it (never had that before usually only one or two pops and have only seen maybe three major jumps where I had to bump the record) that required that I cut out the pop EVERY REVOLUTION of side 2.  At any rate sounds fine except for maybe one song had a couple sets of pops next to each other and cutting them out takes out too much of the song so I left 'em in.


nekrodad said...

I grabbed this, not even sure what it is. But thanks.

James Brown said...

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