Monday, May 4, 2015

Black Oak Arkansas - st LP 71 w Keep The Faith LP 72 w If An Angel Came... LP 72 w Raunch 'N' Roll LP 73 w High On The Hog LP 73 w Street Party LP 74 w Early Times LP 74 w Ain't Life Grand LP 75 w X-Rated LP 75 w Balls Of Fire LP 76 w 10 yr Overnight Success LP 76 w Black Oak - Race With The Devil LP 77 w I'd Rather Be Sailing LP 78 w BONUS Danny Kaye

That first Black Oak Arkansas album from 1971 is awesome and just as good I would say as the Camel Reggae compilation posted below.  That being said they slowly slip into disco with the last two albums they were forced to drop the 'Arkansas' from their name.  At any rate, I had room to fit in a Danny Kaye album I ripped for Mother's Day this year (her favorite entertainer) from his old TV show that she used to watch as a youth.
Link 1 of 7:
Link 2 of 7:
Link 3 of 7:
Link 4 of 7:
Link 5 of 7:
Link 6 of 7 (with Bonus Danny Kaye):
Link 7 of 7 (Black Oak):


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