Monday, April 13, 2015

TIM CURRY - Read My Lips LP 78 w Fearless LP 79 w Simplicity LP 81

Ah...yeah, he "had me at hello" with the first opening track, a choice cover of the Rough Trade song "Birds of a Feather" and then the song "Brontosaurus" could have been a later period Butthole Surfers track.  This guy is loaded with talent, just check out his starring role in "Rocky Horror Pictureshow" or the follow up movie "Blue Money".
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Anonymous said...

Hi, I have Pentagram - "First Days Here" shall I post a link in my next comment?

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

That would be awesome, please do. I am fixing to post Aphrodite's Child 666 which I have not heard yet nor Pentagram and both get big hype so I could put a little theme together along with a killer Screaming Lord Sutch LP from 1982 with all his horror rock hitz. You know me and the yeah that would fit right in!

Anonymous said...

Here's the Pentagram recording you wanted. Thanks much for your blog, we have very similar taste in music & you put really cool stuff up. I have like 22,000 recordings (multi-genre) if yer looking for something else. Also...thanks for the Trotsky Icepick - very cool with nice line-up! Lastly...if you have Netflix there is a cool documentary about Bobby Liebling/Pentagram in there called "Last Days Here" - it rocks & streams for free!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I noticed you didn't post the "Pentagram" lp... Did'nt my upload turn out?

helio58 said...

Fantastic Dick Wagner... tanks [muito obrigado por esta raridade]