Monday, April 20, 2015

Run Westy Run - Plowed Into God plus 86 w 7 w st LP w Hardly Not Even LP 88 w Green Cat Island LP 90 w Cockroach Park

REPOST Request:  R.I.P. one of the brothers Kyle last year or so.  Used to dance my ass off to this band (and later band IFFY) who had made it onto SST and had Peter Buck from R.E.M. produce an album.  These guys and the COWS really did put on great 'mosh fests'.
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MNPunk said...
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MARCH 18, 2010 AT 10:13 AM

bob said...
these guys are so freakin' cool. thank you

MARCH 28, 2010 AT 6:52 AM
Anonymous said...
yeah, has anyone seen margaret beach, last I saw her she ran away w/ a guy from RWR... :(

FEBRUARY 7, 2011 AT 3:05 PM

Anonymous said...

Great Post. Brings back a lot of memories. Do you have a copy of Iffy's Biota Bondo? Speaking of Minneapolis music. One band I have been looking for years is the the Picadors. Either Praise & Blame or Pretty Penny. Any help? And thank you again for this terrific bog.

Marty E. said...

Thanks for the repost!

Camarillo Brillo said...

Came back to say I really enjoyed listening to these Run Westy Run LPs. Thanks for posting!