Monday, March 9, 2015

The Mighty Mofos - Sho! Hard tape 88 w Mindreader 7 88

REPOST REQUEST:  Nice one and among my favorite locals from the old scene as I was there for the 7th St. Entry's soundman Billy Batson when they did an all Who cover set for his 50th birthday and have since got to know Ernie's political leanings as a longtime friend on Facebook, yeah these Minneapolis brothers started out with raucous covers as the Hypstrz and kept that theme going but to a lesser degree with the MMF's with some choice covers I have recorded live of them doing "I Don't Live Today" by Jimi Hendrix...will have to post sometime but with no youtube channel anymore kind of sucks not showing the live stuff but I have a few good shows I filmed both bands.

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I have been looking for this for YEARS!!! There was an LP, this cassette with 2 non- LP tracks), and a 7" with 2 non-LP tracks (one of which appears on the cassette. Who buys cassettes when vinyl is available right? So that meant that to get all the tracks, you had to but the LP, the 7" & cassette....except I didn't realize that the 2 bonus tracks on the cassette were not the same as the two tracks on the 7" until years later. Nowhere to go is missing track for me, and I love that song!

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