Monday, March 16, 2015

TEX AND THE HORSEHEADS - st LP 84 w Life's So Cool LP 85



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jonder said...
Two songs on this record have stuck with me for almost two decades: the charming acoustic duet "The Slip" and Mike Martt's ode to heroin addiction, "The Spider and the Peach". Thanks for posting this!

SEPTEMBER 8, 2014 AT 1:05 PM

Daniel said...

It's Halloween weekend, my Lady booked a Christian Death/Lords of the New Church cover band last night for the bar we work at. It was crazy busy so I didn't see a single note but Texicali Jones sang a few songs with them, I was told!! Ah Well least I got to serve her drinks,ha,ha. Thanks for the work you do on this blog and keeping it going!! Happy Halloween!!!