Monday, March 23, 2015

Dead Fingers Talk - Storm The Reality Studios LP 78

Another 'Diamond Reo' in the rough ha ha.  This one is very overlooked release I think since it was produced by the great Mick Ronson and we like him around here!


Doug said...

Man ... I have this album.I have not played it since ... well almost forever ... probably since 1979.I almost forget what it sounds like.I will pull out the album but it is great to have a digital version.I think I bought it because I liked the name or cover.I was in full NME mode in 1978,so I probably read a review.It is all pretty hazy!A big thanks.

Doug said...

My comment did not register the first time,so I repeat.

I actually bought this album when it was released.It has not been played since the 1970s.Yeah,I still have it.

Velvet Underground fans will like the album.It is definitely not over produced.

I can't remember why I bought the album.Maybe I liked the band's name or maybe there was a positive review in the NME.It is all a bit hazy.

Thanks for the vinyl rip.So far (up to track 5) the rip is good.